Mar 2019

Education: Vivisection

Our Educational System is Vivisection! Vivisection? That is the experiment conducting on a living organism. Lab Rats That’s what we are! This educational system which we are already trapped in, is doing different experiments on us and failing. They keep on trying with new experiments. And students keep on being lab rats. Albert Einstein once said, ‘ If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will love its whole life believing that it is stupid’. Our Educational System is too funny that they not even make the fish climb trees but also making them do a ten-mile run. Funny! Our Educational System is absolutely the reason for killing individuality and creativity. The System tells us what to say, what to think, they will also be crazy as they say “Raise your hand if you wanna speak”. Straight rows. Nice and Neat. Silent. Stupid. That’s what they want. Systems now! they say em what to think. My doubts: Why are teachers being so Retro? Why are they spoon feeding? Is there any teacher in the world that ever asked: “Do you really need my notes?” ? What if a doctor prescribed the exact same medicine for all patients? The results will be Tragic. Tragic is already happening here at schools. They teach the same thing the same way in front of students having different Strengths, different needs, different gifts, and different dreams. Why is a future doctor studying Advanced Mathematical Integrations? Why is a future Singer studying Programming in C++? This System classifies us only on the basis of Product Quality. ‘A’. A letter which determines product quality. And we are already been classified as products. Stop! Stop proving your memory power! Students. I’m talking to you! They are not testing your intelligence. They are testing your memory. Fredrik J Kelly says “These tests are too crude to be used and should be abandoned” You know Frederik K Kelly? He is the man who invented standardized testing. He too stood for Collaboration instead of Competition. I have wasted my years, and wasting, just because the social norms and the Certification Catastrophic process is killing me. I have wasted my time! But I have never been a lab rat before them! NO! Guys, please don’t compromise your dreams for the System. The System is making a robot out of you. Don’t think out of the box. Get rid of that box. Let the thoughts be wide and free. Work for your dreams. Enhance the ability that you have. If you think you don’t have an ability, cuz there are people who think like that, find the ability in you. And dream wide. Work hard. Remember. Fish don’t climb trees. Swim, Scroll, Go Deep and Wide. Explore the Ocean. And most importantly Fuck The System.