Feb 2019

Google Go

Google Go: Google always comes with revolutionary products. Google Go came last year. The first one we all saw may be FilesGo. The File Manager, Storage specialist app. However, Google is now keenly looking to countries like India. Google TV Ads and apps like Google Go shows it clear. A new app, named Google Go, has been launched to give the unified Google experience to Internet users on low-end handsets. The app provides access to Google services such as Search, Voice Search, GIFs, YouTube, Translate, and Maps and includes a search bar to provide a unified experience. Google Go also offers search trends and top stories from the Web on any particular topics. It was launched by the company at its Google for India event last month. Also announced was the Android Oreo (Go Edition) for entry-level smartphones, as well as the official launch of Files Go. Shashidhar Thakur, VP engineering, Google, said at the event, “We gathered feedback from hundreds of Indian cities to make the power of

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Nov 2018

You got ZuckedUp?

Facebook Under Fire! I wonder why people offend Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. I am a suporter of @Zuck and Facebook. Not because Facebook is the biggest Communication Technology Company in the world, not because Facebook own Instagram and WhatsApp, but because this could happen to any Social Networking Platforms around the globe. For the people who are not aware about the Facebook Scandal: Cambridge Analytica, a company which does database study and related activities took Facebook user’s database. so, the scandal is that. Facebook’s database has been stolen. That means our personal data. Facebook knows what we know, what we likes, what we want to see, what are the things we get angry, what’s our political views and almost everything. Thats a fact! But I’ll explain the reality: A person called Aleksandr made an app call Know your Social Life. The app asked its users to signup using Facebook and asked to share Facebook Personal Info like Likes, Comments, Shares etc. And he transfe

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Sep 2018

Business on Instagram

Hey Instagram/Facebook entrepreneurs, I am takin to you! You probably have started your business and great success on Instagram or Facebook or even WhatsApp. But, as a Technologist, I am telling you that you gonna fail unless you take the next step. Facebook, Instagram or Facebook or any other social platforms, they’re absolutely not for fully product or service business. Yes, You can find business, increase your business on Instagram. But don’t make your business an Instagram based business. You’ll fail if so, eventually! I’ve seen cloth, shoes, phones, software, books sellers on Instagram. They have great success. As a tech observer, every Application has an end. Not a good story probably! When Instagram ends, that story will be the end of your Business too. Yes! Any Social Platform could end anytime. We see that. So make your next step as soon as possible. Don’t turn in down. Don’t make your success short-term. You have a successful business. Make it bigger! Never keep it small.

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